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Together, we’ll craft beautiful spaces you’ll love to live in, entertain in, and truly call home.

Our Services

Interior Design

Massimo is much more than an interior design shop. We offer interior design services, from the selection of a paint color to a complete home remodel. There is no project too small or too large. We listen to your needs and will meet them in a timely and efficient manner.


We are proud to be one of only a few interior design services that offer on site drafting services. When meeting about a remodel we understand that it is sometimes hard to envision what your home will look like. We’ll help you look at the space from a different point of view; how to meet your needs for liveability that suits your lifestyle. We know that your home remodel is more than just a construction site.


When meeting with you about a project we will meet on site and at our retail store. The benefit of the our retail store is that you will be able to feel fabrics, browse as well as sit on furniture selections in a relaxed atmosphere. We carry a full line of upholstered items as well as accessories and gift items, and we are proud to represent four Arkansas artist: Suzanne Mosley, Bonnie Jeans, Mare Koch and Kelly Peters. We gladly welcome you to stop by anytime to browse!

About Our Team

Scott Paterek
Scott Paterek

Scott Paterek's journey into interior design began in 1984 with his collaboration with Tom Chandler. In 1995, Scott and Rus Venable launched Chatelain, and their storefront, Massimo, soon followed. Working with clients nationwide, Scott's talent flourished. In 2015, he joined forces with Amanda Norcross to establish Norcross Interiors in Chicago. Rus described Scott as a "decorator savant," and his passion for design remains unwavering. Scott looks forward to continuing his beloved work for years to come.

Tammie Weaver
Tammie Weaver

Tammie Weaver, an accomplished interior designer with 37 years of experience, leaves an indelible mark on captivating spaces across various states. Her exceptional talent has graced homes featured in At Home in Arkansas. Collaborating with Scott Paterek since 1997, Tammie’s greatest attribute lies in building lasting relationships with clients.She effortlessly weaves magic into contemporary elegance, timeless tradition, or eclectic charm, creating extraordinary living spaces that stand the test of time.

Dakota Pyle

Dakota is a talented interior designer who earned a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from the University of Central Arkansas in 2019. Known for a severe addiction to all things plaid, Dakota specializes in classic and timeless executions. With a commitment to individuality, Dakota never uses the same fabric twice, ensuring a unique touch for each project. Paying meticulous attention to small details, Dakota understands their significant impact on creating extraordinary spaces.

Loddie Gehrki
Loddie Gehrki